Learning How To Add A Floating Hexagon To Our Quilt

The video is an awesome tutorial to show us how to make a floating hexagon. It’s a great element to add in to our quilts. Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company has done ... Continue Reading →

How To Sew Curved Pieces Without Pins

Curves not lining up? Don’t despair! This video will show us how to control our curves when we don’t want to use pins! When we first start to sew curved pieces, using pins ... Continue Reading →

Using Scraps To Make A Quilt

After we have created so many quilts, there is a chance we have a lot of scraps saved from those projects. So why not use scraps to make a quilt! Trying this the first time can be unnerving ... Continue Reading →
Beginner Quilters

Prep And Piecing Demostration For Beginner Quilters

The tips and techniques covered in this video are going to be the most useful for the beginner quilters who have little experience. The instructions Amanda Rolfe of 3 and 3 Quarters ... Continue Reading →
Hand Quilting

Tips And Basic Instructions For Hand Quilting

Are you ready to relax & slowdown after a furious quilt piecing? This might be the chill pill we need. If we’re ready to relax and step away from our sewing machine we’ll ... Continue Reading →

These Are Great Tips For Getting Better At Quilt Pressing

Quilts are made with fabric & fabric is designed to be flexible in 3 dimensions. Making quilts using fabric that moves in 3 dimensions can be problematic. Everytime you handle, ... Continue Reading →
Flying Geese Units

Creating Flying Geese Units For Our Quilts

This method makes very accurate flying geese units. It’s simple and fun. A traditional flying geese unit measures twice as wide as they are tall. We’ll use square pieces ... Continue Reading →

Using Scraps For A Log Cabin Quilt Block

Aurora Sisneros shows us how she makes use of her scraps starting with the very simple but amazing log cabin quilt block. If you’re a new quilter, start piecing this quilt block ... Continue Reading →

Creating A Beautiful And Simple Pineapple Quilt Block

Trying out a pineapple quilt block is a great idea! They are simple, not extremely time consuming, so why not give it a try? A pineapple quilt block made in this manner requires no ... Continue Reading →