BOW to Batiks? You Will After Viewing This Video! If You Love Batik Fabric, Thank the Amazing Talent Creating it.

BATIK  pronounced? BA-tik or ba-TIK? is the traditional fabric of Indonesia  The process for making this fabulous fabric requires an enormous amount of talent  and multiple steps ... Continue Reading →

Literally! Out Of This World Quilt Block! 1 Great Video

Quilting in Space! This is the real deal that proves how focused and passionate Quilters are.  Quilting in Zero G has to be really hard. Think about getting the cuts straight.The fabric ... Continue Reading →

Hand Stitching? Why would I ever do that! For personal touches, quick repairs, or fun!

Watching this might help you speed up your hand stitching skills. See  how easy someone else does it.  After you do a little practice, you may want to try and hand stitch your name ... Continue Reading →