Bust Open The Stash And Make Some Crazy Quilts


Start a quilt without a plan and it just may turn out to be one of the best things we ever did! Sometimes the crazy quilts and some of the most unique looking!

Gather whatever fabric that’s on hand, the bigger the variety the better!

If you need more, think about using precuts so you’ll get a have a larger selection.

Raid the drawers and closets or head to your nearest thrift store.

After you have a pile to choose from, decide if you want this to be totally random, or have some color structure in mind.

Start the selection process based solely on what catches your eye.

Just don’t over think this pattern.



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11 Responses to “Bust Open The Stash And Make Some Crazy Quilts”

  1. Margo McEwan

    Apr 19. 2017


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  2. Sarah D Jimenez

    Apr 22. 2017


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  3. Rose Thomas

    Jul 08. 2017

    that was very interesting. thank you

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  4. Hazel Finlay

    Jul 09. 2017

    love this method of piecing, have made a lot of quilts using up my scrap fabric.

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  5. Carole Sullivan

    Jul 12. 2017

    every chance I get—get scraps and do it all over again 🙂

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  6. Lois Barrer

    Aug 15. 2017

    Donna, here is one we could try. You always wanted to make a crazy quilt

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  7. Quilting Genius

    Dec 04. 2017

    Interesting post thanks really good more on sewing machine parts please

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  8. Janet Heck

    Dec 05. 2017

    Oh no, this is not for me. I would have wrinkles all over the place.

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  9. Lisa Beddard

    Dec 10. 2017

    Sue Harrell. Should we do this to bust our stash?

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  10. Kathy Paxson

    Feb 24. 2018

    What I am doing this rainy weekend.

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  11. Debbie Wilson

    Feb 25. 2018

    Judy Jensen here you go. Crazy quilt.

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