Breakthrough Your Quilt Binding Procrastination. 4 Videos Will WALK you Toward Finishing it.


Choose your Binding Fabric. Measure how far it is around your quilt, determine how long each strip will be from the fabric you’ve selected. Cut it into 2.5 inch strips, stitch the strips together.

Now this is where this tutorial is a little different. You’ll fold each edge of the binding strips to the center of the strip and press it.

You can pin it if that helps. This step creates a natural crease, but DON’T use it as a guide when stitch the binding to the quilt.

You’ll machine stitch the binding to the quilt with 1/2 inch seam allowance. Fold the binding over to the other side and hand stitch it. You can machine stitch it but make sure you sew into the binding on the other side.

Machine Stitch in the Ditch Binding Video 2 of 4

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