Breakthrough Your Quilt Binding Procrastination. 4 Videos Will WALK you Toward Finishing it.

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Finishing the Quilt for some of us can be a little challenging.

Whether it’s the idea that it’s done and you’re not ready to finish it.

Or, you’re not sure you or anyone else will like it, or you just don’t like putting on a binding.

Finishing the final step of binding shouldn’t hold us back even if you’ve struggled with it before.

Simply ask yourself what’s really stopping you from putting on the binding. When you discover the answer and, YOU ACCEPT it as a Great answer, (no matter what the answer is), you’ll probably be ready to finish it and that’s how our brain works. Your brain likes anything you accept as good and then removes the block because you’re no longer fearful. Our Brain doesn’t like fear it will stop you from doing anything if you’re even slightly apprehensive, Even if something is really good for you, if you don’t ACCEPT it as a good thing and FEEL it’s a good thing your brain will fight you to do it.

That’s why Videos work so well, we get to see how something is really done and it doesn’t hurt so our brain no longer sees it as a threat and allows us to at least get started.

4 Videos below on the Next Page(s) help clear the way so You can Finish Your Quilt.

1. How to EASILY Bind a Quilt [Sew Bliss] Measuring Binding, cutting binding strips, Making your Binding, & Applying,

2. Adding Binding to your Quilt. [Anita Goodesign] Machine Stitch

3. Machine Binding Final Stitches at the Edge of your binding. [Edge/Joining Foot Demo]

4. Stitch in the Ditch Walking Foot for very accurate Machine Quilt Binding Application.

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