Beautiful Treasure Box Quilt Pattern Tutorial


Today we have such a fun project that we has to share with everyone today. Jenny, from Missouri Star Quilt Company found this pattern while teaching a class in Australia. So here today, she brings us the cute and casual Treasure Box Quilt. Sometimes it can be refreshing to do a simpler project like this one.

In the video, Jenny shows us how to make a smaller quilt, 39 by 44 inches. It’s the size for a baby quilt, but she gives some great advice in the video about how to make it bigger, or smaller to fit your needs. The treasure box that she demonstrates seems perfect for some cozy decorations or even as a gift for a child!

For any beginner quilters out there, Jenny does an amazing job at walking us through the process so this video may just be the one to get your new hobby going in the right direction!

In order to prepare for this project we will need to gather a few things first. We will need one pack of 5 inch print and one for background squares.

We will also need one quarter of a yard for the inner border, a half yard of binding, a half yard for the outer border, and three yards of backing. We will also want to make sure to have those nifty quilting tools nearby as well! Don’t forget, the needed material is based on the size, so if you’re creating a bigger version then you will need more material.

After gathering everything we need, it’s time to jump into the process. Below the video is a link to some tools seen in the video for easy access. The tutorial video below is extremely helpful and also provides some awesome tips!



To find the supplies used in the tutorial video, click here.


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