A Baby Animal Quilt Makes A Great Gift


This baby animal quilt has such a great print to it that is linked below the video, but any pattern will really do.


It will definitely work the best with a fabric that has some sort of printed picture on it.


The point seems to be the animals so I do recommend sticking with that theme but feel free to add personality to it!


Angela also sticks with doing a larger quilt which is helpful because then there is more time to get it to the baby/child. They will be able to use it for years!


Angela walks us through everything and offers some excellent tips on using fabric with pictures printed on it. I think that beginners are definitely welcome with this one. Angela does a truly great job.


The quilt is beautiful and it is a perfect gift and the video tutorial on this baby animal quilt is so helpful!


Do not forget to check out the video and have fun with this precious project!



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