Adjusting Our Quilt Binding Seams – Binding Basics



Most of the time the goal of applying a binding to the edge of our quilt is to make it the same width on both sides.


By adjusting the width of our binding strips and determining the perfect seam allowance this goal can be achieved.


Make up some quilt binding test pieces that use the same fabrics and batting. Form them like the edges of our quilt.


If the goal is to make a wider or narrower quilt binding make up several small quilt sandwich units.


Some quilters like to have a slightly puffy quilt binding and this can be achieved by leaving the batting slightly wider then the quilt top and backing.


This is more of an intermediate quilt making skill and isn’t required. It’s mentioned so you can test it using the same method as shown in the video.


This video covers how to test to get the correct seam allowance to bind our quilts.






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  1. Willa Willard

    Nov 30. 2015

    I use a 3 inch binding instead of moving my needle and you get the same look on my Bernia

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