Adjusting Our Quilt Binding Seams – Binding Basics


Getting the front and back of our binding to be the same width on both sides can be a challenge.


The variables involved in applying our binding is a major reason so many quilters shy away from applying binding to their own quilts.


One way to get it right is to realize each quilt is different and the binding we’ve decided to use is also different from the last binding we’ve applied.


Make up some simple quilt sandwiches using the same fabric and batting that we used on our quilt.


If we like narrower binding we’ll naturally start with a narrow fabric strip to make our binding.


Each decision we make has consequences so testing our decisions and determining our binding seam allowance helps us decide what works best for us.



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  1. Willa Willard

    Nov 30. 2015

    I use a 3 inch binding instead of moving my needle and you get the same look on my Bernia

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