Adding Crochet To Our Quilts



This can always be applied to a quilt, blankets, curtains, and more. This technique can add something special to anything so don’t be afraid to go crazy with it!

So, before we start, we should always get all of our materials and tools together, that way the process is much more efficient.

To learn how to crochet edges you need, a needle that has a big enough slot on one of the sides to fit the yarn size that you choose to use.

Then, we need our basic necessities, a crochet hook and yarn of your choosing. When Kristin finishes the crochet edge on her napkin it is just so cute!

She really walks you through how to do everything really well and give great instructions. Looking at it, the edges really gives a homey look to things and just a cozy feel! So don’t forget to check out the video, it is super beneficial. Have a great time adding something special with a finished crochet edge!



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  1. Lucy Nichol

    Sep 22. 2017

    Challenge accepted. Joyce Nichol can supply knitted goods

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