Adding Crochet To Our Quilts


Bringing different techniques into one project can really make a fantastic result. What we mean by this is if we bring quilting and knitting, or crocheting, together it really gives something special to what would otherwise be an ordinary quilt.

Personally, I enjoy making quilts that have factors that make them stand out in a unique, but tasteful way. Often though, incorporating crochet or knit into our quilt can be difficult even if we know how to do these types of things.

That’s why this tutorial, by Kristin Omdahl, is really worth checking out! In it, Kristin teaches us how to crochet onto fabric. This will make adding that crocheted edge to our quilt so much easier! In the video she shows us how to crochet edges onto a cloth dinner napkin.



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    Sep 22. 2017

    Challenge accepted. Joyce Nichol can supply knitted goods

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