5 Must-Have Quilting Tools!

Katie from Hobbies Up to Here divulges her must-haves for her quilting kit.

These are great suggestions that can only enhance your experience as a quilter whether you are just beginning or very experienced.

The first item Katie recommends is a pair of small, curved scissors. This is an excellent recommendation because there will always be small threads to cut! The upward curve is nice because it prevents you from any unnecessary cutting!

Her second must-have is a seam ripper. Seam rippers are great because we aren’t perfect but seam rippers allow others to think that we are! Any mistake made is easily correctable with the seam ripper.

Katie’s third suggestion is press mist. Many irons come with a steam setting but if you like your fabric just a little more crisp, this is the way to go.

Her fourth recommendation is a quilt basting spray. Quilt basting spray is a good addition to any quilter’s supply stash. The purpose of basting spray is so you have an alternative to pins. It just depends on what makes you more comfortable.

Last, but not least, Katie suggests wonder clips. These clips come in an assortment of sizes and are used when you are binding your quilt. The clips help to keep the fabric in place and like Katie stated, can be used as a marker to see how much more binding you have left to do. The less clips you have, the closer you are to a completed project!





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  1. Scott

    Mar 01. 2016

    Thanks for all the nice comments about my goof and my quitnilg. All was not lost, by the way, because after I removed the stitching that was holding the packaging to the quilt back, I just started a new line of stitching on one of the cut off thread ends, meandered around a little and then ended by going over another cut off end. It really only took a few minutes to secure all the cut off threads. The quilt is a pieced Christmas tree and it’s now finished except for sewing a lot of buttons onto the tree for the decorations . Hopefully you won’t find a photo here of my finger sewn to the back of the quilt!

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