5 Must-Have Quilting Tools!

This is a must-read for both novice and experienced quilters alike!

As you begin to learn the craft of quilting or have been doing it for years, you find that you keep using some of the same tools over and over again.

Fabric, needles, thread….those are all obvious.

What about the other tools that help to enhance your quilting experience?

Image: www.aguidetoquilting.com

The video on the following page gives us insight to a seasoned quilter’s must-have tools!

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  1. Scott

    Mar 01. 2016

    Thanks for all the nice comments about my goof and my quitnilg. All was not lost, by the way, because after I removed the stitching that was holding the packaging to the quilt back, I just started a new line of stitching on one of the cut off thread ends, meandered around a little and then ended by going over another cut off end. It really only took a few minutes to secure all the cut off threads. The quilt is a pieced Christmas tree and it’s now finished except for sewing a lot of buttons onto the tree for the decorations . Hopefully you won’t find a photo here of my finger sewn to the back of the quilt!

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