3 Videos Herringbone Tube Blocks, or 2 Chevrons= 1 Quilt As You Go + 1 Start With Squares

3 Videos provide details. Page 2 use the Tube method to make the Herringbone. This looks complicated with many parts, but it is really a very simple concept that works great. The challenge is to select the colors you like. It might help to do quick drawing & use color crayons to figure how what catches you eye. White with a darker green seems like what I would like.

Two different methods to make a Chevron patterned quilt. Page 2 is the Herringbone Video. Page 3 a Chevron Quilt as you go and Page 4 Chevron from Squares.

Image: thediymommy.com

Page 2 Herringbone Start With a Tube Click Here


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