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Priceless Quilting Skills Tutorials! Precision Piecing Tips You Can Use! 3 Videos

  Quilt piecing with precision can & will become a habit! All it takes to become a very accurate quilter is accurate repetitive sewing. Forming your quilt piecing sewing skills ... Continue Reading →

Learning How To Bind A Quilt In 6 Simple Steps

  Do you remember being a new quilter? Every step always seemed so difficult to master and once you mastered one, there was an entirely new process to learn. The best thing to ... Continue Reading →

The No Leftover Fabric Quilt Pattern

  Quilting is always fun and it can be extremely rewarding. However, like anything else, there are some downfalls. The collection of crazy scraps that we end up with can become ... Continue Reading →

Cute Tutorial For Making Our Own Candy Bag Zipper Pouch

  When we learn how to quilt we learn how to do a lot of different things. Think about it, when quilting we learn how to measure, sew, and how to have an eye for detail. Sometimes ... Continue Reading →

Easy And Simple No Binding Pot Holders Tutorial

  Any quilted project can really just make a house feel like a home. Even if it’s not a quilted blanket, incorporating this wonderful activity into anything feels cozy and ... Continue Reading →

Kaleidoscope Block For A Quilt Or Table Runner

Sometimes it’s nice to kind of stray from the typical quilts that one might see on a day to day basis. Don’t get us wrong, all of the quilts using triangles are amazing, ... Continue Reading →

Creating The Tough Guy Quilt

  When it comes to saving some money on our projects, it can always be appreciated. Quilting fabric does not come cheap! For all those quilters who are on a tighter budget, this ... Continue Reading →

Quilting As We Go With Embroidered Blocks

  One amazing thing about quilting is that we can really preserve things in our work. Whether it be clothes from a lost loved one or even the work of others. Below is a quilt tutorial ... Continue Reading →

Quilt Shop Or Chain Fabric Store? What’s The Difference In Fabric?

  Being a beginner quilter can be so overwhelming. The rewards of quilting are worth all the work, but when someone is just starting out there can be a lot to discover and look ... Continue Reading →