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Quilting As We Go With Embroidered Blocks

  One amazing thing about quilting is that we can really preserve things in our work. Whether it be clothes from a lost loved one or even the work of others. Below is a quilt tutorial ... Continue Reading →

Quilt Shop Or Chain Fabric Store? What’s The Difference In Fabric?

  Being a beginner quilter can be so overwhelming. The rewards of quilting are worth all the work, but when someone is just starting out there can be a lot to discover and look ... Continue Reading →

Creating The Interlocked Yankee Doodle Quilt

  It’s always fun starting projects that have a festive theme because they always make excellent decorations as well as gifts! The tutorial we have today is the Interlocked ... Continue Reading →

Using Our Fabric To Help With Our Free Motion Quilting

  When learning to free motion quilt it can be really difficult to get variety in the designs that are used. Even people with years of quilting experience can be frustrated by ... Continue Reading →

Creating An Improv Quilt

  Sometimes it’s fun to kind of stray from the traditional styles of quilting that we are all used to. The traditional pattern and block concept is great, but can admittingly ... Continue Reading →

Adorable Tiki Tote Pattern Bag

  I love it when someone brings something new and crafty to the table! Let’s be honest, sometimes we don’t always want to make quilt after quilt. This is a new video ... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Treasure Box Quilt Pattern Tutorial

  Today we have such a fun project that we has to share with everyone today. Jenny, from Missouri Star Quilt Company found this pattern while teaching a class in Australia. So ... Continue Reading →

What’s The Three Bee’s Of Quilting? Build Basic Blocks! From S To XXL Blocks

  Trying new block patterns is a great way to build your skills and confidence. We have 3 great blocks for you to try in the following  3 videos. First is a Snail Spiral Block with ... Continue Reading →

Creating A Frequency Rainbow Quilt

  Color is always a fun thing to use when we’re quilting. Color makes things pop! So lets embrace the projects that have a variety of colors and let them shine!   These ... Continue Reading →