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A Diamond Rail Fence Quilt Is Great For Beginners

  The diamond fence rail quilt block is made from strip sets and is considered a great quilt block for beginners to improve and learn the basic quilt piecing skills. Jenny Doan ... Continue Reading →

The Herringbone Quilt Is A Great Pattern

  This is a great video demostration of how to make a herringbone quilt from beginning to end. It starts with selecting and cutting our fabric to the shapes we need to make the ... Continue Reading →

Two By Two Block Pattern That’s Great For Beginners

  This is a layer cake 10″ square special and a great demostration of a two by two block for beginners. Each 10″ square is cut into 4 10″ by 2.5″ strips. The ... Continue Reading →

The Exploding Block Quilt Is A Great Eye Catcher

  The smile on her face says is all. When I first saw this it made no sense. The process is so different I couldn’t get my brain to accept it as a quilt block. No pattern ... Continue Reading →

Making A Quilt With Fabric Precuts

Beginners can use this video as a starting point with fabric precuts. A great demonstration is used to show how to use the precuts. In this video, a 4 patch using the charm packs is ... Continue Reading →

Creating An Illusion Block Quilt

  The illusion block creates the feeling the color piece is suspended in front of our quilt. It’s such an unique pattern and can make a great addition to any room with the ... Continue Reading →

The Rail Fence Quilt Is A Must Try

  The rail fence quilt block begins with strip sets. We may want to use our own fabric or use pre cut strip sets like a jelly roll. It’s up to you to decide what’s ... Continue Reading →

Making A 50 X 54 Basic Block Quilt

  Although it’s been done many times, learning to sew a basic block quilt will help us build the foundation of our quilting skills. The basic principal to become a great quilter ... Continue Reading →

How To Create Our Own Sock Monkeys

  Sock monkeys never go out of style. It’s hard to deny the cuteness and love that sock monkeys seem to give off to people. So, how about we learn how to make one! These ... Continue Reading →